‘I Have Lived This Story’ – Echoes of Peru in Trump’s America

New America Media, Commentary, Andres Tapia, Posted: Feb 07, 2017

Above: Juan Velasco (Center) ruled Peru from 1968 to 1975 under the title of “President of the Revolutionary Government.”

I remember clearly the night we lost our democracy. Peruvians woke up on the morning of October 3, 1968 to the sight of tanks surrounding the government palace, the immediate shut down of the press, and the imposition of martial law.

There are times when democracy succumbs in one fatal stroke.

Then there are times – such as the one Americans face today — when democracy is eroded by a gradual yet relentless assault that […] Continue Reading…

Be Vigilant: Civil Rights in the Crosshairs in the Age of Trump

By Andrés T. Tapia

We all saw how it worked: he called Mexicans rapists, he called for a Muslim registry, he called for a wall to be built on the US – Mexico border and deportations by the millions, he demonstrated all forms of ways of degrading women. And a certain crowd ate it up. As he denounced “political correctness” the restraining norms that kept some of the ugliest prejudicial comments from being made public fell away, making for one of the vilest political campaigns in a very long time.

But once the election was won, as the dust has been […] Continue Reading…

What Now?: Diversity and Inclusion in an Age of Trump — Post #2: The Message of This Election We Must Heed

2016 USA Presidential Election Final Results
By Andrés T. Tapia

(The views expressed here are mine alone)

In Post #1 I explored the external reasons for Hillary Clinton’s loss. And while it’s highly likely that manipulations like voter suppression, untimely FBI interference, and collusion between the Russian government and Wikileaks tipped the balance in favor of Trump, we would be doing the work of diversity and inclusion a great disservice if we kept our fingers pointed outward.

I also made it plain in that post that there is no place in a pluralistic society for racism, misogyny, and the fear and degradation of those who […] Continue Reading…

What Now?: Diversity and Inclusion in an Age of Trump

By Andrés T. Tapia
Introduction to the What Now? Series
For the myriad of people committed to affirming a diverse society through nurturing inclusive environments and policies, the election of Donald Trump has been devastating.

While post mortems are key to lessons learned about the missed chances, the urgency is to regroup so that with strength and wisdom we can be ready to address what lies ahead.

In the next few blog posts I will share my take on some of the lessons learned and the way forward. While much will be fought through in Congress, the courts, and on the streets, my […] Continue Reading…

Post Election: How leaders can address fear, anxiety, and tension in workplace

by Andrés T. Tapia and Kevin Cashman
The 2016 USA Election results are now the latest sociocultural political convulsion we have been buffeted by on top of terrorist attacks, superstorms, financial market meltdowns.
The politicians and the activists will be battling out the polarizations in the next few years. But while that happens in Congress, the courts, and in the streets, what is the role of corporate leaders in speaking to the divisions and pain their employees are feeling?
Paralysis is a natural reaction at companies, since there is no certain path to restoring workers’ nerves. But there is a strong case to […] Continue Reading…

The Latino pipeline

They have $1.3 trillion in purchasing power in the United States, more than the entire GDP of Mexico. They are projected to account for more than half of first-time home buyers in the US between 2010 and 2020. And they are becoming a force in the car market, accounting for one in four Toyota Corollas sales and 60% of Honda’s US sales growth.

Little wonder that as the US presidential election draws to its dramatic conclusion in coming weeks, the nation’s 55 million Latinos (40 million of whom are US citizens), will play a crucial role. Indeed, they will likely […] Continue Reading…

Who Has a Disability?

Employment quotas for people with disabilities present challenges; the inaccessibility, unaccommodating employers, and lack of opportunity contribute to marginalization. […] Continue Reading…

The Hidden Diversity Implications of the Election of London’s First Muslim Mayor

Sadiq Khan’s election as London´s first ever Muslim mayor is yet another bellwether event indicative of massive demographic shifts happening globally. In the same way that Barack Obama’s two elections as the first black president were indications of a new America, Khan’s election are indicative of a new London, a new Europe.

While there is the obvious diversity implication of a more Muslim and foreign-born London affecting the numerical outcome, there are two additional contemporary diversity aspects to his election that are easy to overlook: white inclusiveness and the power of multidimensional identity.

Sure, there are the 1 million Muslims who make […] Continue Reading…

How Diverse Cultures Shape Innovation

Andrés Tapia discusses that due to Japan, China and the U.S. all having different strengths that sharing might be a good idea. […] Continue Reading…

Reaching Latinos: Marry marketing psychographics to multidimensional demographics

Andrés Tapia concludes his #Latinopalooza series with a discussion on how Latinos represent one of the largest societal and talent stories in 2016. […] Continue Reading…

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